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“Im so glad we had this time together…” (Carol Burnett closing song)

You’uns…LOL Thats what the girl at the Hardees in Cookeville TN says. “How’a you’uns doin’?” I would like to say to you Rainey that it has been a pleasure having you as a teacher. There were projects that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Flying the coop!

Final movie poster project for Illustration 3. Learn it, live it, love it!

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What about my type?

Im kind of not liking the type in the bird but still playing with it so…. What it do?

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Run Tippy Run!!!!!!

Here are my comps for today minus text. I may repost post later with text but we will see. Want to know what you guys think about some things. Here they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        If the differences are not obvious, number … Continue reading

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Always faithful terrible lizard

So I didn’t see my name on the list but am sure I didn’t post the revised version. Here it is. Enjoy!

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Alfred Hitchcock PRESENTS:

Here are my roughs for the movie poster assignment. I have narrowed my choice down to two but wanted to get you guys to give me your suggestion too. This doesn’t mean I will do the one you tell me … Continue reading

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Im still standing but still not posting

So yeah, you guys will have to wait and see on Friday! Rainey, I decided through this week to scrap my last idea of doing A-ron as a cut away. I was having a problem with the inner workings in … Continue reading

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