The Last Hurrah

I left the bleed off because it’s just more of the same, but it’s on the file I made.

I would say out of all the classes I have ever taken the Illustration classes were the most fun and beneficial. I’m glad I took them with such a great group; every week I felt compelled to make something to impress the class, which is not something I usually care about. I made sure every piece had all of my effort put into it and I feel like you guys did too, which is why everyone improved so much. I’m going to miss having Friday class with everyone. We had a really strong group which is why I think Dan went all out on selecting the guest teachers.

Matt Covington: I underestimated you in the first illustration class, but by Illustration II I considered you my main rival. You are a robot dude.

Jordan: Out of all the advice and comments I got I always took yours the most serious because I felt like we thought in a similar way.

Matt Picket: We’ve lived together for four years, but in Illo class I got to see a more serious project driven side of you.

Adam: Always fun to talk to, I was impressed with how hard you worked all the time.

Tiffany: You were fun to work with and your commentary on life always cracks me up. You were never discouraged by the technical illustrators in the class and you improved a lot.

Ryan: Wish I was as good at type arrangement and poster design.

Janey: Your stuff was always cute and it’s still funny to hear you call someone an asshole.

Aaron: Good job Aaron, you are a hero.

Rainey: Good job on your first time teaching and thanks for having patience with us rookies.

All the people who didn’t make it this far: Go home and be a family man. :)


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I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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3 Responses to The Last Hurrah

  1. "Coach" says:

    Wow. Aaron, I’m speechless.

  2. I second that A-ron! Been a blast and see all you guys around school!

  3. Ha, nice. Don’t rest too easy, I’ll be back in some shape or form. It was fun getting to know you, Aaron.

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