Pieces of eight

Guys, fellers, you’uns, girls…

It was fun teaching you guys this last half of the semester. I knew before I even started that I just may learn more that you all and maybe I did. But I hope that you all got something positive out of it. I wish that the class could’ve had more one on one DURING the art process rather than just before and after. Oh well. It is what it is.

(seniors 1st) Mac, good luck with your career and future. You’re a tallented artist and I know you’ll do well. Keep in touch.

Aaron, what can I say? Everyone admired your pieces each week and for a good reason. Keep up the good work AND get some sleep.

Adam, student at LARGE, your art has a nice crisp look. Keep refining that as you work on your skills. It was a pleasure.

Janey, this last piece really showed your attention to fine detail. My jobs may have not all fit with your interests but you found a way to make yours work with them. I’m impressed.

Jordan, I enjoyed the nice mix you attempted in the 7 jobs. There’s nice work in your group of jobs. I know you’ll take off with your talent and make something of it.

MaP, your stories will take you far… Far.. Away. Really, you are gifted too. I liked the branching out with the rocket piece. Give yourself more room beyond the “itchy-scratchy” style. You’re more than that.

Ryon, thanks for picking up to your capabilities on the last two projects. Sorry about the sports poster but criticism shouldn’t be taken personally. You’re really good. Just remember that.

Tiffany. Jpeg, thank you too for putting up with the string of jobs that were out of your zone and plugging through anyway. Your card work is lightyears apart from mine but only in style.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see some of you next year when I get another teaching gig. Maybe not. No matter what happens, you’ll always be my first class. Stories will be told about you. Just remember that.



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