“Im so glad we had this time together…” (Carol Burnett closing song)

You’uns…LOL Thats what the girl at the Hardees in Cookeville TN says. “How’a you’uns doin’?” I would like to say to you Rainey that it has been a pleasure having you as a teacher. There were projects that I didn’t look forward to but they always ended up being fun in the end. I fucking hate blogging but want to check this one everyday and will miss it honestly. I will miss the comradery that our group has built up over the last three semesters but I know excluding Mac we will all be back together way too soon for my tastes. Nothing personal guys, I just love the summer! LOL Rainey, you as well as Joel brought something to the table that Dan couldn’t have. It was great that chose both of you guys. You showed us not only the technical side of things but also showed us your great skill in the Adobe software. I just want to say I hope everyone has a safe summer and see you around!


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2 Responses to “Im so glad we had this time together…” (Carol Burnett closing song)

  1. "Coach" says:

    …Just to have a laugh, or sing a song…

    I watched the originals every week.

  2. It was fun, Adam. I hope you guys enjoy the fall together.

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