so, this is where I am now. I’m still working on it but wanted to give y’all a chance to weigh in. As I mentioned earlier, what got me to read it orginally was the Pride and Prejudice so while I like the way that the type lays right now, I don’t like that ZOMBIES is in bold. I’m going to rework the type to minimalize that. Besides that, what other type, if any, do I need to add to the bottom of the poster?

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3 Responses to PPZ

  1. lizardman32 says:

    Lookin much better. My only complaint is the hair looks a flat in comparison to the face, More swirly things?

  2. lucybelles says:

    lol, I like how you say ‘my only COMPLAINT’…anyway, thanks- worked on it- I think it’s better. :)

  3. If you have any info on actors, producers, directors…I would put that at the bottom too. I like the composition and feel like you zombied it up without going over the top! Great Job!

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