What about my type?

Im kind of not liking the type in the bird but still playing with it so…. What it do?


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16 Responses to What about my type?

  1. Sorry, the pdf was huge so here is a jpg of the type on my poster.

  2. Like it. The hero should have hard edges like the type.

  3. >_> Dude…dot the I (eye) the placement is so ridiculously perfect and would add some menace to the bird.

  4. lizardman32 says:

    The dot on that eye would be too big anyway.

  5. Ok Rainy, I will try to crisp it up a bit tomorrow after my math final. UGH MATH! No eyes though, silhouettes with eyes only work in the game LIMBO.

  6. janeysoeem says:

    wow this really looks great.

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