Alice Flamingo

Here’s the concept of my poster. It’s for Alice in Wonderland, obviously. It will be of a flamingo hitting a hedgehog. Inside of an ornamental frame since this is a classic story.

The original illustrations for Alice in Wonderland are detailed pen drawings. So I wanted to do my version of a detailed pen drawing for the poster. This is the frame that I will be using around the image.

Here are my type ideas. I may have the type be created out of roses or leaves. I’m not sure yet but I do want it to be made out of something rather than just having it drawn letters.

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One Response to Alice Flamingo

  1. lucybelles says:

    My first thought is that Alice should be in there somewhere or that it should be something that makes a quicker connection but I don’t know…I see what your’re doing —and the hedgehog it looks like will make a nice dot for your i….
    I like the handdrawn look and type- what if it were roses and leaves or vines or topiaries to go along with the whole garden croquet theme?

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