You mer-mad, bro?

Poster in progress. Another project based on my version of The Little Mermaid.

EDIT: In case it’s not apparent from my rough, she’s walking out of the ocean. That’s a pretty important detail.


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12 Responses to You mer-mad, bro?

  1. Mur-maid-er…..its a song about mermaid murder!

  2. If I hadn’t seen your version of your the little mermaid multiple times in all the different versions you’ve made, I wouldn’t really get mermaid out of the image above.

  3. I should have mentioned, she’s stepping out of the ocean. That’s a pretty important part of the mermaid theme. It’ll be obvious in the finished version.

    • I suppose I need to ask, just to clarify.

      Is this a literal interpretation of the little mermaid story you did in # 2? Because even with the whole, climbing out of the ocean, it comes across to me as some kind of 90’s action flick and not the little mermaid.

      I’m not trying to be mean if it comes across that way, I just don’t understand how it works.

  4. A mermaid? Walking? Doesn’t she have a fish tail? Just something to consider.

  5. lucybelles says:

    yeah… I don’t get it…

  6. ionhelen says:

    It’s “The Little Mermaid.” She gets legs.

    Besides which, this is his version, just like he did in 2. It’s a reinterpretation, and the action flick bit is definitely part of it. I get it, anyway.

    I think you should look at incorporating more of Lord Fuckis’s figure there. Also, I’ve been thinking — wouldn’t he look a little better with like a fin-Mohawk?

  7. I’m glad someone gets it. xD

    I guess I just mistakenly assumed everyone would have a familiarity with the fairytale. To clarify, it’s the story of a mermaid who turns human. That’s why I drew a woman walking out of the ocean. It seemed clear as day to me. Perhaps a tagline would make it more obvious.

  8. Okay. I knew she became human but I think she still needs to “look” like a mermaid. Maybe scales (before they disappear completely) or something.

  9. Interesting idea. I’ll give it a shot, boss!

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