Last but not least…

I know it’s the last week and all but I hope that everyone can give a great effort into the last job so we can go out with a bang. I was very impressed by the overall level you all showed in last week’s job. Best bunch of 8 yet.

Okay guys and gals, here’s my sneak peek at my entry into this week’s job. I only have a little left to do but once again I’m holding myself to 4 hours on my piece. My feeble attempt at creating a mock even playing field.

Genre: Horror Comedy

Title: (that would give it away)


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2 Responses to Last but not least…

  1. Horror comedy is wide open. It could be anything from the 80s like; Return of the living Dead, to Evil Dead 2, to whatever. I am excited to see what you have made for us.

  2. I couldn’t help but update that small part…

    This one was fun.

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