Alfred Hitchcock PRESENTS:

Here are my roughs for the movie poster assignment. I have narrowed my choice down to two but wanted to get you guys to give me your suggestion too. This doesn’t mean I will do the one you tell me to, it just means I want to see which one you guys would pick. There are 4 so choose wisely!


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8 Responses to Alfred Hitchcock PRESENTS:

  1. OK, so I guess Janey snuck a page in on me. LOL I didn’t ink the 5th page so it is a no show. It is just the silhouette of the phone booth from the movie with birds flying around it. Sorry, it isn’t showing up but it is not one of my picks anyway.

  2. Well it would’a been nice to actually see the 5th one. My guess is it’s not one of your 2. So out of, “feather”, “hand”, “school”, and “bird”, I think I’d choose “hand” or “bird.”

    So there…

    • Hand and Bird where my two choices. I realized after the fact that unintentionally I have seen the feather one already but the feather is vertical not diagonal so that one was out of the question by my first post. Glad nobody liked it anyway, its too minimalistic for the movie in my opinion.

  3. Wow, I really like all of these! I have to agree that “Hand” is the best.

  4. Bird and school are the ones that really do it for me, because they both have that ominous/build up style terror that Alfred did so well.

    Then again the hand with the type on the arm also looks cool too.

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