Mad about me!

Ok, so……I am 6’5″, 350# tattooed bear. “Bears” are in a subculture of the gay community that began in the 70s and was for men like me who are generally big, hairy, burly men and tend to be masculine and into only masculine men. I do not fit the stereotypical ideal of what gay is. Im not skinny and shiny like the “twinks” on Church St. I like man things. I am into sports(some), classic hotrods and motorcycles, beer, heavy music, horror movies, travel, hanging with friends and family, roller coasters, a good book(starting to get a little gay), quiet evenings a home, long walks on the beach, and the company of other like minded gentlemen(totally gay now).  I like animals and children, as long as they act right, and little kids either love me or hate me instantly. People tend to think I am an ass because I sometimes have a problem keeping my mouth shut when I have something to say(I once exclaimed on an airplane, “If someone doesn’t shut that baby up im going to come back there and eat it!”). People shuttered and I was still getting dirty looks from some when we were leaving the plane. I am extremely gorgeous(thanks mom and dad), well mannered(for the most part), and house broken(for the most part). I am either the nicest guy you have ever met, or the biggest prick you’ll meet. Thats all up to you. I hope this gives you some ideas on where to take your illustration of me although I am sure you already have some direction working or at least in mind. Oh yeah, i like art, design, typography, graffiti, tattooing, an any way of self expression that makes you feel happy.


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I get bored!
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One Response to Mad about me!

  1. lucybelles says:

    Yeah, I started in class but I had already decided to scrap that and to make you a bear…thanks, for taking away the originality of that concept LOL…nah, this is helpful

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