Read it!

I would just like to say that for a group that isn’t really inclined to do “technical” illustration, I think everyone has done an amazing job with this one and I am excited to see everyone’s finished pieces today. Oh yeah, and I cant believe with all of the witty rocket song names you girls didn’t use Rocket Queen by Guns and Roses. Oh well, why am I writing on this thing at 6:30am when I claim to hate blogging. Happy Good Friday, see you in class!


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One Response to Read it!

  1. That’s what’s fun about these kinds of projects. When you have to do something you don’t want to or don’t think you enjoy, you’re forced to adapt and get it done.

    And what do you know? You learn something and get better.

    I’m with you Adam, everyone stepped up to the challenge this week and did some good work.

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