Zero hour nine am…

Goofy song but it fits here.

Okay. There were no comments regarding whether or not to post this but here goes.

I limited myself to no more than 4 hours on this to keep a fair playing field. If anyone is interested, I’ll go through the process of how I did this (verbally most likely. Maybe not in Pshop.) All of your pieces had a slight impact on what I did… I tried to avoid any approach I saw that any of you were doing; Helping add to the fact that there are so many different ways to do this process.

Note for Friday: My good friend and puppeteer Rickey Boyd (look him up on IMDB) will be at Watkins for our class. He’s coming around 11:00 and we’ll have lunch. Then lets try to all be there by say 12:30 for his time. It should be really fun.

AAAnd another thing. The syllabus as far as jobs goes is useless now. The final Job has been cancelled. (as the crowd roars…) There will be two more jobs. Details to come. Eventually. I think. Yeah.


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4 Responses to Zero hour nine am…

  1. lucybelles says:

    I would def love for you to go through your process. I have absolutely no clue to do anything remotely like that. I think it would be VERY helpful for you to talk us through it. :)

  2. Looks good, Coach.
    It is nice to see a teacher’s approach to the same projects we all do. I’m interested in hearing your process, as I’ve got a guess on how it was done and would like to see if I am right.

  3. WTF! Did you just swipe my title song?? I’M the rocket man, dammit! Me! :P

    Looks great anyway. Can’t wait to meet the guest! Anyone who worked on Ninja Turtles is a hero of my childhood.

  4. Looks amazing! Hope mine prints in the am since I did not print in the pm.

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