Well now don’t you tell me to smile

Still fairly rough. I plan to do more work on it today, but I wanted to go ahead and put this up now.

I’m still not crazy about the ring thingy, especially since I’m having to draw it out of my head. I thought having it attached to one of the two halves would look okay, but I’m really not digging it. Maybe below and behind, like Aaron’s?

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8 Responses to Well now don’t you tell me to smile

  1. Attached is fine. No rules that say everything has to be separated or even pulled apart at all. I’m participating in this one too but will post only if it’s a unanimous decision to do so. Mine’s finished.

  2. This is nice. I’m really liking/jealous of your new painted silhouette style.

    I assume you’re going to mess with that planet so it doesn’t swallow up the ship’s cradle so much?

  3. Attached at the base like it is reads perfectly line for how it is to be put on / assembled. Like Map I’m hoping the planet will be tweaked so the base is still visible. But like you said you’re still workin’ on it.

  4. I hate to be the one to say it, I agree with Map and Mac. The cradle/base is getting lost. You may be solving this through toning and highlights but for now its gone. You got this and I know you do. Find it and kill it!

  5. ionhelen says:

    Yeah, the asteroid will totally not be obscuring the base once I’m done with this thing. I hadn’t even started rendering the thing yet, just silhouetted it. Thanks dudes!

  6. Asteroid…..uh…hu..hu. Why do asteroids come from the (hemisphere) but (hemeroids) are on your ass? Hmmmmmmm….Im just sayin’.

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