Batman can breath in space…

I guess there was some confusion about how I had planned to render this. Allow me to remedy that. I wanted it to read as a rocket breaking apart in stages, but still obviously the product. It’s still unfinished of course, but this is the gist of it. I still have the clock face and glass to do, but I wanted to go ahead and post it. Tell me if you think the space background is even worth pursuing or if I should just stick with the product.


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I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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6 Responses to Batman can breath in space…

  1. The small bit of gradation in the blue and the fire in your current version imply space and that it is a functioning rocket without detracting much from the fact that it is a diagram showing assembly. Though if you fleshed it much with nebulae, star clusters, etc etc. it may come to detract from the minute details in the rocket and lower the functionality of the piece.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Weeeeell look at you and your uuber-tight rendering. Way to make me feel COMPLETELY INADEQUATE.

    No but seriously, lookin’ rad. I personally think you could push the space a bit more and still not lose the product – just keep it simple.

  3. I think the space idea is worth trying, if you can find a way that doesn’t detract from the product.

  4. Looks awesome. Yep. Try the space thing.. Try the space thing with a short depth of field. (blur) You’ve just about nailed the look of the item. You’re close to finished I’ll guess.

  5. Rock-et out! This thing looks fucking amazing! Great use of gradients and highlights. Perspective looks perfect as usual. Great job A-ron!

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