Burnin’ out my fuse to find, it’s gonna be a long, long time…

Here’s more. I decided to go with a cell-shaded style. At some point after I decided to drop the black lines, I accidentally merged the line layer with the color and couldn’t undo it, so that was a pain to work around.

EDIT: Without the purple overlay…


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7 Responses to Burnin’ out my fuse to find, it’s gonna be a long, long time…

  1. So. Do you offer these in purple? My great grandson would rather have camo. Is that available? OR JUST IN THAT BEAD BLASTED FINISH?

    • Hm… I think you’re telling me to drop the purple lighting? Okay, I’ll add a silver version. Do you like this better?

      • I’m just saying that to remind you this is a product illustration. It should look like the product. I’m not challenging you to change your style just try to keep it in the realm of potentially selling the item. Ya know, no false advertising.

  2. lizardman32 says:

    Cool style; I would have never come up with it. I would say just make the ring clip thicker so that it doesn’t look like paper.

  3. Hmm…that looks kind of familiar.
    The cell shaded look reads well, and some shading on the glass / a few smaller details all around and you’ll be good to go.

  4. Yeah, I like that you are keeping in your own style. Other than Aaron’s comment on the girth of your ring thingy, I think your aces kid! Looks good!

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