Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

So there’s my rocket a bit more fleshed out. The update basically shows where I mapped out my major points of shadow and light.  Like Rainey’s Helicopter ride (Or as best as I can attempt to recreate) where the pieces are solid black or white I’ll turn into a gradient to get the proper adjustments for shadow and highlights. The top left piece will be ghosted.

I had planned on that piece being faded at the top with the outlines on the bottom connecting down to the ring with the ring fully shaded.  Though I ask, OUTLINES or NO OUTLINES for that section? Should it simply fade out and transition down to the ring with negative space?

Anywho, rocket won’t stay orange. I tend to do work in colors that they won’t end up as so I don’t start second guessing things half way through because I’ve stared at it too much. That and orange is a really awesome color…

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7 Responses to Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

  1. lizardman32 says:

    I think If you plan to have it on a white background then keep the lines. It’s more of a diagram than an exercise in closure, so I think legibility is the way to go.

  2. Definitely keep the outlines. It will help with the over all read. These are looking great guys. I hope I can pull this one off.

  3. Another vote for the outlines here. It definitely looks like a diagram, without losing detail. It’s a nice balance.

  4. Lines.

    I’m sure you’re planning on getting rid of them but please get rid of the squigglies.

  5. Yeah, no, we are not saying to keep the squiggles. We are saying to keep the line work where the left area is ghosted. I am going to try something similar in mine to keep all parts visible. You got it! Go, go, go!

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