so this is still real rough…still can’t find my stylis so I guess I’m going to try to work on this at school tom. afternoon….

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5 Responses to rocket

  1. lizardman32 says:

    Lookin good. Don’t forget the ring thingy.

  2. lucybelles says:

    yeah…in the photo I got the ring is partly hidden behind the rocket…I’ll have to try to fake it… :)

  3. Yes, the ring thingy. This is looking good Tiff. I am excited to see how you handle your final rendering of this project. Water color????

  4. lucybelles says:

    UUgh…I’ve spent the last year and a half trying to work in ways that I enjoyed like 3d sculpey and cut paper and things came more naturally…I feel like I’m a duck out of water lately.

    • It’ll be good for ya. When you go back to the things that come more naturally, you’ll have new experiences to draw on. Even thought it is just an outline at the moment, you can still see the depth of the piece, which is a good start for the final.

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