Ground Control to Major Tom

So, here’s my rocket. The top left piece will be ghosted, only visible at the top with small markings to show the outsides of the rest. The ring around the bottom will be solid. Woohoo.

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5 Responses to Ground Control to Major Tom

  1. …”Check ignition and may God’s love be with you…

  2. Allow me to retort, “Earth below us, twisting falling!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The song referenced by Matt and Rainey is titled Space Oddity by David Bowie. My song reference was an answer to this song actually titled Major Tom and originally performed by Peter Schilling. Shiney Toy Guns has since made an awesome cover of Schillings original. Thats your music lesson of the day brought to you by Illustration 3. Looks great Matt. Is the ring on the left piece that will be ghosted?

  3. lucybelles says:

    I agree- I like the angles and everything- but I’m having trouble finding the ringy thingy.. of course this is the ‘rough’ sketch day…

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