I showed you guys my idea Friday, but still gotta update ya know? My idea is to have the rocket breaking apart in flight like a multi-stage rocket or a rocket carrying a moon lander/satellite.  It would be used in a magazine ad for the product. I went ahead and did the lines and made them super thin so that when I render it for real I can color them and they’ll disappear. For the moment I cell shaded it for kicks and it kind of looks like a CAD file. I don’t know if it’s supposed to have a background but I figured I would. Whaddya think: ☆s or no ☆s?


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I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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7 Responses to FIRST!!!!!1

  1. Okay. This post will apply to all of the rocket posts:

    Make sure you keep in mind that this is to show off this product itself. That is, make sure you attempt to make the item look like the real one.

  2. lizardman32 says:

    Could you elaborate?

    • I’m not expecting you all to be able to produce photo real work (although it would be nice). This is a product illustration. An illustration showing off aspects of a product. A selling point if you will. Therefore you need to make the product look like the original.


  3. I do understand what Rainman is saying but I think if you render the rocket and its parts well, which is the assignment, the addition of a background shouldn’t take away from your final product. I think it would add some interest.

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