[Clever Rocket-Related Title]

Here be my composition, rendered in glorious silhouette. Uuuuber rough, but you get the idea. Parts floating off of an asteroid. Might incorporate stars and nebulae and such into the BG.

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5 Responses to [Clever Rocket-Related Title]

  1. lizardman32 says:

    Cool angle. Perhaps the ring could go somewhere that shows it’s function better.

  2. I agree wit Aaron. The angle is awesome but the ring feels like it is just hanging out. I understand this is a rough and you are just showing composition and shape but I don’t want you to forget about function.

  3. lucybelles says:

    agreed- I think it’s looking great but that ringy thingy…..

  4. Yeah, what they said. Really like your concept though.

  5. Me too. Just maybe try the ring directly above where it rests assembled.

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