So This IS How It Works

At 9pm on Thursday I still don’t know what we’re going to use but it’ll be something pretty simple…

We’re going to have one item that everyone will use as reference to produce an illustration showing off the product and it’s guts. The class as a whole will work together to figure out what the important areas are then each will create their own composition and illustration showing best how to promote it.

Format: You tell me. 1/4” bleed.


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2 Responses to So This IS How It Works

  1. lucybelles says:

    Hey, my Watkins email is not working and I wanted you to know that a) if I show up tom. I will have to leave early b/c this year taxes got the better of me and my apt. w/ the accountant is tom. afternoon BUT since my email isn’t working…. I am totally finished with my deadline images (mounted) and will be happy to send you any files that would be helpful… at the SAME time…I am caught in a very uncomfortable war with the department over a matter which I’d hoped to not need to disclose. Suffice it to say that it only has anything to do with me in that I feel it’s my responsibilty to see justice served…. anyway…I might have to actually miss a class for my mental health tom.

  2. lucybelles says:

    If someone can figure out how to delete my last comment I would love that. Obviously, stress is getting to me. Thanks.

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