Throw mama from the train/bus?

Here is my next progressive. Colors are not accurate at all. Some colors I was using just for contrast when placing my “parts”. The train will be a light grey trying to simulate metal. I am taking some artistic liberties on some things like the shape of the nose of the train, the stripe on the side and the font used in their logo. The actual font is not free, it’s like 130 bucks so this is the font I am using. Rainey, you said you wanted this thing technical and clean but I am not sure I can pull that off totally in Illustrator by friday. I am going to try but don’t bank on it. I am changing the back as well from what I did before. New trains do not have a space to stand and latter on the back like an old wild west train  so that has got to go. Also trying to figure out how I am handling the side of the “locomotive engine”. I don’t know if I am taking more artistic liberty and making the windows like my original rough or if I am doing it more accurately like with vents and stuff on the sides. Here it is.


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9 Responses to Throw mama from the train/bus?

  1. haha

    I definitely dig the shape of the colors and the negative space. Do you plan on using the Amtrak logo at all? It could probably be a nice visual element.

    • Yeah, I mean I may. I looked up their font and it isn’t free. It was like $130 for the font pack. I have found the vector logo on one of those sites but was going to try to do “my take” on their trains. If you and the others think I really should use the real logo, I am not opposed to it. I am more worried about trying to make it look super clean like a technical illustration but maybe I shouldn’t be focusing all my time trying to learn the mesh gradient tool shit.

  2. lucybelles says:

    I think it’s a unique idea and you are ‘on the right track’ “bah dum dum”…yeah, I said it.

  3. Yes you did say it. Hahaha

  4. lizardman32 says:

    It’s too bad Amtrack changed logos; their old one would have fit your design I think. The new logo however seems tacked on when they put it on their trains so I don’t blame you for not wanting to use it.

  5. I’ll post the logo…

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