Area 501(A)

So I remade the whole thing to scale and tweaked a few areas. I just found out that we can illustrate that box on the back, so I’ll add to that later.

Funny story: I went to the kitchen to make soup and saw my breakfast still sitting there on the stove. So that’s why I was hungry…


About zetareactor32

I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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4 Responses to Area 501(A)

  1. This looks good man. I like the colors. Maybe add a laptop being sucked up with the other computers? Do they even make laptops? I don’t know. Rock and Roll.

  2. lucybelles says:

    or a student’s brain? :)

  3. Like the changes made. The front and back not having the exact same alien head logo adds a lot to the over all look. It doesn’t feel like you rushed through it either. Looking great man!

  4. Glad to see you changed the front and back.

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