Ok so I’m going to do Krink. They make some of the best graffiti supplies and ink. Famous for their drips.

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7 Responses to Krink

  1. lucybelles says:

    hmmm… def not my style lol- but for the explanation that you have given- looks like you are headed in the right direction….certainly wishing I’d chosen less imagery lol

  2. ionhelen says:

    Far out! Love graffiti stuff, this looks like it’ll get pretty sweet. You going to do like a full-blown bomb on that thing or just the Krink bit?

    Only crit so far: all the black being up top makes it feel a bit topheavy to me. Dunno if anybody else feels that way, but I think it’d look more balanced with some darker tones at the bottom too.

  3. Monday post on Tuesday. Oops. Check.

  4. I am feeling it. The suggestion about the black on top makes sense. Keep the drips if you are changing anyway other than digitally though. Like you said, they are known for their drips! I think it would be awesome to have a really twisted master piece in place of your Krink bomb, like with the letters all interwoven, but you know how illegible those can be too. Maybe add some smaller fast tag stuff around the bottom of the bus. Sharper style cursive or something like that. It works the way it is but would ass some more interest to the over all piece.

  5. Agreeing with the large one. The large spray areas need something in them. The whole “graffiti” look has a bit of busy-ness to it. So maybe ad text that’s pertaining to KRink in a readable graffiti style. Sump’n. Just not huge spray color areas. I do like where it’s headed though.

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