under the sea transport

So apparently MY definition of ‘rough’ is different from Matt and Aaron’s :)…. I didn’t want to do all that much until I got a green light on the concept as a whole… Some of the images will definately be tightened up of course- this is ROUGH :)– The idea is that I am advertising Crayola Watercolors so one side will be the watercolor palette with the brush painting the blue of the water-

this will wrap around the other side to an underwater scene with a diver-   the seahorse will be moved slightly to the left (away from the unusable area)- there will be small fish spread out in the background and I will most likely make the larger fish a clownfish or s/t- will also add a little more detail :)
this is supposed to be a sting ray at the bottom and the crayola logo will be up top…. I may make the sting ray a sea turtle instead and the water will be ending before the wraparound to the left side of the bus…
– I will be watercoloring the illustration and will use the Crayola logo with a slogan as well. :)

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10 Responses to under the sea transport

  1. I dig the idea but do not understand what is going on with the side of the bus that says Crayola. How does it interact or fit with the other side? I know its a rough I’m just trying to pick up what you’re putting down. ;)

  2. Learn to read first! That was a comment to myself not you Tiff. I read through and understand what the image is now, I am still curious as to whether there is a better way to make your water color side be more cohesive with the underwater scene. Maybe us only the colors in your image as the colors on your pallet? I don’t know and will shut up now.

  3. lucybelles says:

    ok- the first side is a watercolor palette- the ovals represent the colors and there is a brush- I will add in an image that is in color that might help to get the point across better :)

  4. Maybe it’d help if the blue smear that the brush is painting extended further instead of being on the very edge. It’d feel more connected to the other side, I think.

  5. lucybelles says:

    good suggestion Matt- does the colored rough help more?

  6. lizardman32 says:

    I think the watercolor one is clever.

  7. This is looking like a great idea. Good job, Jpeg. I do agree with the extension of the blue color on the driver’s side.

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