Terminix, take one

Yeah, kind of a rough image today, but this has been an insanely busy time for me so I’ll have to make do.

My product is Terminix, the pest control service. I’m not sure what to put on the main area of the bus, but I was thinking maybe a swarm of termites eating it. I excluded termites from the window art in case I decided to do this.


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6 Responses to Terminix, take one

  1. lucybelles says:

    I think the saying is clever ‘next stop your house’ lol- are you going to do anything to the front and back? I think this is a funny idea :)

  2. My only concern is if “your house” is the next stop, why are you delivering bugs to it? I like the caption… I like the bugs… But make one or the other. You can’t say “next stop the graveyard” either though. Tough one. I know there’s a good bus in there though.

    • I was trying to say that bugs are coming to your house, so you need Terminix. But yeah, now that I look at it alongside the logo, it seems to be saying that Terminix is bringing bugs to your house, which is kind of the opposite message. Maybe I could change it to “call Terminix” or something. Just, some message that tells you bugs are coming, call Terminix.

      • Orrrr maybe:
        The bugs inside are all (just blabbering here) handcuffed, or behind bars, or in cages.

        “Call Terminix” may be the best but don’t stop thinking about options for your first idea. “Next stop…” is much more catchy for the side of a bus.

  3. This is a great and funny idea Matt. These commercials are so creepy. I like Rainey’s idea about behind bars or something like that. Next stop is definitely the phrase to use, just make your image say that Terminex is coming to get the pest not drop them off.

  4. I phrased my reply poorly. To clarify, I’m definitely keeping the “Next Stop” tagline; I was just saying that I may change “Terminix” to “Call Terminix” or something, to make it clear that they’re not delivering bugs.

    @ Adam: You mean those commercials where the giant bug wants to use the phone? Man, I’d completely forgotten about those! I don’t think they were for Terminix, though.

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