planes, trains, and buses?

Alrighty gang,  here is my rough concept. Im advertising Amtrak on city buses. Both sides will just be a mirror of each other. I am still playing with some ideas for what to put on the front since the scaled train doesn’t fit in the space allowed. Im thinking a perspective view of train tracks fading into the distance with the Amtrak logo on top of the image. The back of the train will look like the back of a train not a school bus as it kind of looks here. Im going to try to keep it very clean and technical. Also it will all be produced digitally. What I need to do????? Thanks!


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5 Responses to planes, trains, and buses?

  1. lucybelles says:

    I like the way that you’ve disguised the bus with a cityskape- the train idea is nice and ironic- I’m thinking that you are using space on the back that can’t be used though- isn’t there a rectangle there in the middle area that we can’t use? Anyway, it can still work. What medium will you be using do you think?

  2. I’ll bet you can get it crisp and clean. Are you adept at Illustrator? That’s something you need to get used to for these types of art. The portion on the back is useable just needs to be grayed slightly.

  3. I think I’d wreck my truck if I saw this drive up beside of me. Great idea and illusion that certainly turns the bus into something else.

  4. Thank you all who have commented so far. I am doing these digitally. I will try to have an Illustrator rough done for Wednesday. I am pretty good in Illustrator but not sure that I am good enough to make this thing look real. Any suggestions? Lots of mesh gradients?

  5. lizardman32 says:

    “Screw the bus ride a train.” Lol, I wonder if they could actually convince them to do that.

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