Computer wars

I chose Sony Vaio as my company/product. I want to show a couple landmates (big robots) with the cockpits up, pilots visible inside. Monitors, keyboards and speakers visable, Viao and Sony logo everywhere. Night scene.

It may look completely different by the time I’m done with it. This is a foray into new territory for me as I don’t illustrate tech every often.

One other suggestion that’s been given to me is to have the pilot sitting atop a “parked” landmate, with a Vaio laptop hooked up to the thing like she’s configuring it via usb. No sketches for that but I will have some by tonight I hope.

Anyway, here’s my super rough:

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2 Responses to Computer wars

  1. lizardman32 says:

    I like the way you made the dashboard the laptop as opposed to the monitors you had going on before.

  2. Really liking the concept. Watch out you don’t fall into the Unusable Area, though,

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