Criminal Line up

Okay guys. SInce we randomly selected the positions for everyone and they don’t have any real connection to the original, there’s no reason we have to keep them in the same order. Whoever suggested that on one of the posts gets a brownie point for making that clear. Yea…

My copter is big enough and simple enough to hide behind the cable without loosing identity so I volunteer. I just need to redraw it for perspective. So pull up your boot straps and get these done by the morning. I’m expecting you best on these since they’re simpler than the other jobs we have to do. I know you’ll all do great. This “should” be a fun piece for everyone to look at when we’re done. Just maybe… If I can get on a computer at school and have a tablet to use I can finish this on Friday.


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7 Responses to Criminal Line up

  1. Ryon suggested it and I translated. I being Adam. This is looking way better. I think breaking up the groups will make it more interesting all around.

  2. I was also wandering should I be so small? I know you said that I was too big earlier but now I am tiny if you look at me as opposed to the guy on the far right. I am 6’5″ 350#s ya know. Not a big deal if it needs to be this way to fit was just curious about it.

    • Actually, all the characters look kinda small compared to the drunk guy. :/

      Honestly, I liked the composition more before they were all shuffled. I know we had an odd character/prop balance, but this feels kinda… I dunno, man. Maybe it’ll look more unified when they’re all finished.

  3. lucybelles says:

    I like it mixed up- but I think it will be better when everyone’s stuff is finished. Right now it’s hard to tell. I’ve altered my Jack a lot. I think the color will help. I agree that Adam is a bit too small though.

  4. Okay. I pulled him over to the drunk and sized him that way. He is farther away a bit too so therefore a little smaller. Also. I’m trying to take up similar space as the original. They will be seen together so varying too much may defeat the purpose of this exercise.
    No offense taken to any of the comments. They’re all good. We can still shuffle pieces after the morn. I just hope I can redo mine and get 9 hours of sleep.

  5. Yes, please. Print them out just so we can critique them.

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