totem- tighter sketch….?

Incomplete as of right now. I have class until 6 so I’ll post a more complete sketch later tonight. I’d like to render it all in graphite so I could get all the values. That way it would look as though it were carved and it would match the gray tones of the photo.

just testing out how it would look behind the wire and the guy’s arm/shoulder

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5 Responses to totem- tighter sketch….?

  1. The perspective is still a tad off but I can fix that when I put it on the beam if you want. Looking forward to seeing it carved out.

  2. ionhelen says:

    When it gets put behind the rope like that, it’s really tough to read. :/ Maybe it should replace the end guy?

  3. janeysoeem says:

    Ah I can fix the perspective, thanks for pointing that out.

  4. This is looking great Janey. I am also excited about seeing it in graphite. Keep it up gal!

  5. lucybelles says:

    I like it- and I like that it got moved from behind the wire to where you can see more detail :)

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