No John, you are the demons!

I wanted to get more of this done but I have to run to class. Anyway it’s pretty much gonna look like that only finished. Yes he is wearing a diaper. Also the photo is actually called Lunch Atop a Skyscraper. Here’s a bigger version.


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I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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8 Responses to No John, you are the demons!

  1. I think your demon should have his head turned a bit toward his victim staring him/her down. And what’s the “crown” looking thing floating overhead?

    • lizardman32 says:

      The whole joke is that he’s cold and apathetic; he’s not there to scare anybody he’s just doing what he does. It’s lunch time and she happens to be his lunch. The “crown” is a cartoon effect that says he’s being bopped on the head. Not violently, just a bop.

  2. We’ll that’s nice and disturbing…a diaper wearing demon. The witch looks nice, but I’m with Rainey, that there’s a bit of disconnect with him just staring off in the distance.

  3. ionhelen says:


    I think his eyes should be looking at her, but the rest stoic. That way he still seems nonchalant but it’s obvious he’s intentionally eating her.

  4. Aww, I love the little witch girl! The demon is pretty cool, too. Put some yellow tape on the diaper like Tommy Pickles and he’ll be great.

  5. This is awsome! Agreed on the interaction but you’ll sort it I’m sure.

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