Stuffy Old British Dude Needs Some Tea

So, here’s good old Reginald. He lost his map thanks to the high winds, and decided to stand up for a bit of Earl Grey tea. Admittedly he’s still tired, since he’s about to spill some of it.

That being said, due to the squat, square nature of some of my cartoons, having him stand kept him from being too out of sorts with everything around him.  He’s only in green so you can see detail in the screen shots.

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8 Responses to Stuffy Old British Dude Needs Some Tea

  1. Can you have him looking at something? The jack-in-the-box or sump’m?

  2. lucybelles says:

    I like him! And I kindove like him green even. It’s like he’s about to barf b/c he’s got jet lag- I’m ok with him staring off into the distance but you can make him look at my jack if you want. I’ll try to have a better image up tom.

  3. Spatracus Jones says:

    Aw, I liked the sitting one.

  4. This is great! I kinda miss him sitting though.

  5. A raised brow will be nice but turn his head a bit for added character.

  6. ionhelen says:

    He is definitely stuffy. And British.

  7. I am diging him but also liked him sitting.

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