Acrophobia draft one. Minus one… Jordon?

Here’s the first mock up. Should be an interesting piece when we’re done. There’s not a lot to do this week so give it your best!

(I plan to size the base of my coin ride to fit the beam better. Maybe even bolt it on or clamp it on.)


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6 Responses to Acrophobia draft one. Minus one… Jordon?

  1. lucybelles says:

    if Adam isn’t using his space above you could even turn it if you needed to…

  2. I feel like it would be better if all the objects weren’t right beside each other. If they were scattered between people it might improve it some.

    • I’ll think on that but It’s supposed to refer to the original which is very cramped. I’ll play around with scale on a few as I paste them up.

      And I kind of like the gap above Adman. Hey, it’s all on layers… A wonderful thing.

      • I think Ryon was meaning that we should concider moving the “objects” on the right end. Everyone on that half did things and the left side is all people. Maybe move the huka between Jordan and Mattp and the totem to the left of Aaron’s characters. Something like that. It would just break up the grouping effect we got going on. Segregation never! Integration now!

  3. Jordan’s power went out from the storms. That’s why he hasn’t posted his guy yet.

    This looks good!

  4. All 9. When we get the final pieces I’ll re-paste everything. Please make sure your piece is to size.. I think you can click on the image, click it again if the zoom toll shows up and download the full size piece. It’s a low quality jpeg but full size, full rez.

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