Totem? rough


Since my spot’s at the end [besides the unassigned guy] I figured we needed a punctuation mark. Here’s a rough of what my image will be, it’s a totem pole question mark. I’ll shrink and strech it to where it will fit in my space of course.

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10 Responses to Totem? rough

  1. Janey, make sure you keep this in perspective of the beam. Looks fun.

  2. Also make sure it isn’t too wide or some of your totem my get cut off by other peoples people. Did that make any sense?

  3. I’ve played with it a little and I can squeeze it a little if needed. I’ve got seven of us in the shot. Just two left. Common yRon… Jordo.

    It’s looking pretty good.

  4. janeysoeem says:

    ok i’ll make sure to check my perspective. I did state though that “I’ll shrink and stretch it to where it will fit in my space of course.” so don’t worry about if this rough doesn’t fit the space yet.

  5. lucybelles says:

    lol- I like it and I like that it’s a question mark but I also feel like it is trying to serve two things and could be simplified to be either a question mark or a totem pole and that that might be more effective. What do you think?

    I’m just not recognizing it immediately as either. I think you could make the totem taller and make it read right away or make the question mark simplified and get a fast read….just a thought…

  6. janeysoeem says:

    It is doing two things, being a question mark, and being pretty. It’s just a decorated question mark because I didn’t want to just type a question mark there.

  7. Keep the shape and detail. I like it being both. Make it look carved. (That may be a way too obvious statement.)

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