Rough one for project3

Here is my idea for the group image. Hope you guys like it. Any suggestions welcome.

The idea is from the Krazy Glue ads from the 80s. The man hanging from his construction helmet is also a part of their logo on the packaging. Im going to try to make him look like me and also am wanting to do it all in graphite to keep the image looking consistent with the original. If I do need to do him in color please let me know Rainey.


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8 Responses to Rough one for project3

  1. janeysoeem says:

    Will you make it more apparent that his arms are folded back? When I first saw it I thought they were cut off.

  2. Yep. Pull the elbows out a bit and have it look like your holding your hat on. Also, your scale is huge compared to the size of the people. Easy to reduce but just to point it out. I’m pasting a rough with these sketches.

  3. I hate progressive critique! Yes, I do understand how it looks now, THIS IS A ROUGH. I still need to know if I should do a colored version or if it is ok to just do it all in graphite. My apologies for seeming pissy, my blood sugar is low and that makes me feel sick and mad.

    • OK, I ate something and blood sugar should be back up soon. Sorry for being a dick and thank you for your comments. Rainey, I was using two different photos as reference which had two different arm poses but were both from the actual 80s commercial. I will try the other arms but wanted to use this pose so you could see thee tattoos down the backs of the arms. Im trying to make him look like me without having to kill myself doing a miniature self portrait…..hence the beer belly, beard, tattoos, and Zoo York shirt. (I wear ZY shirts a lot.)

  4. Hey, it’s okay. Low blood sugar for a man your size must be a real barrel of monkeys. Sorry I forgot to answer the question. Color please. I can convert to b/w easily and can create the old look across the board if we decide to go that route. I’m loving the little extra room for my portion. Yours going under the beam will be good for editing the whole thing in the long run I’m sure.

  5. lucybelles says:

    lol…. agreed- progressive is helpful but sometimes frustrating b/c they are rough- people want to let you know what they see so that you don’t proceed with something that doesn’t work but it is a rough so a lot of things ‘aren’t quite right’ yet…:)

    I’m liking it- agree about the arms but you are off to a good start!

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