He will not look this cartoony or be marker drawn but this is what I’m thinking of- I was planning to do line drawing with watercolor?

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3 Responses to Jack

  1. This will be fun. I like the idea of using this to fill your spot. Nothing profound to say just think it will break the monotony of human or humanoid characters. Great choice!

  2. Great. Pay attention to the perspective here too. Lemme know if you need help with that. (Jordon and I may disagree of course…)

  3. lucybelles says:

    ok- I”ll try to show more perspective tom. I’m NOT that great at it but I will def work on it- I will be using those similar colors so tom’s will prob be just working on getting it tightened up and then I’ll add color for Friday (but again, color will be similar to what’s shown above).

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