Titan cont.

Decided to go with the full T logo on his armor to make it more obvious. He’s also going to be wearing all Titans colors. LP field will still be the BG – right now I’m focusing on rendering the Titan himself. The BG will mostly be conveyed with colored shapes and lighting, I think.


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11 Responses to Titan cont.

  1. Aaaawweesome! Is he still going to be crushing a football? Either way, lookin’ badass. I can just imagine LP field bathed in apocalyptic red behind him.

  2. lizardman32 says:

    I like it much better with the lighting and without the football (lol I suggested the football…derp). I feel there’s gotta be a better way to do the sword without it seeming cramped at the edge though.

  3. Oooh, what if he were pointing the sword at the viewer? Sort of, “You’re next!” And yeah, the hand as is is kinda menacing.

  4. janeysoeem says:

    I feel like I’m looking up his “skirt” ha. Will he be looking down at us since we’re looking up at him?

  5. ionhelen says:

    I thought of having him raising the sword over his head, like he’s about to swing. Aaron didn’t seem to like it much though. Putting it pointing toward the viewer would just obscure what little of LP field the format is going to let me show, so that’s not really an option.

    And he’s already looking at us. With glowing, inhuman eyes.

    • Not necessarily. The blade can be thin and the point of view is in the center. So the blade may only cover up the right hip area. The foreshortening and forced perspective may have impact. Just quick sketch it and see. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. (Hey, it looks good in my mind…)

  6. This is fucking epic! I am feeling everything except the sword raised. I do like the pointing at the viewer thing but think this one will work if you give some love to the optical shortening of his sword arm. Its looking great now but something from the elbow to the sword hand seems off. It may just be the transition from the elbow to the hand is to extreme? Im not really sure. I would like to see him pointing at us too though.

  7. ionhelen says:

    I tried the pointing at us gig again, I really didn’t like it. He starts to feel really cramped and stiff to me & the sky starts feeling really wide open. Plus, it necessitates obscuring the Titans logo, so the whole thing becomes more ambiguous again. At this point I think this is what I’ll run with – time is growing scarce to keep redoing this part as it is.

    Adam, yeah, I’m totally still working on that arm. I’ll get it!

  8. lizardman32 says:

    I like the sword up better. He’s all pointin at the heavens and stuff. The one from your sketchbook was more like “hey look at my sword” which was why I didn’t feel it. Maybe he could have a not crushed football in his hand. It just feels kind of out there like he’s waiting for someone to hand him something.

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