Lock Horns with the St. Louis Rams.

So here’s my slightly polished version of the piece. For the final, I’ll block in the ground the same way the body was done and have the logo “painted” somewhere in the grass, location is subject to change based on this current shot, but won’t be too radically off. The background will be left with loose ambiguous strokes of the brush, indicating a stadium in the back, though will be mostly dark, and will fade/transition into the grass to get some depth.  Unless a purely flat approach would feel more appropriate?

Feet and football need some work, and the whole thing will be tighter in terms of detail though the eyes will be left as glowing shapes, as the face would be obscured with shadows at that angle and lighting. Maybe some small tweaks on  the color.

Any feed back would be appreciated.

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12 Responses to Lock Horns with the St. Louis Rams.

  1. lizardman32 says:

    Lookin good. Maybe you haven’t gotten to this yet but it might be good to make the yellow stripes on his shoulders follow the shadow set by the shirt so they don’t look neon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point to take into account, thanks. I might have forgotten during the detail step…lots of details, easy to forget things.

  2. lucybelles says:

    I like it- asshole! :) I think you’re def on the right path.
    I’m bringing my tablet and I want you to teach me how to use it! :)

  3. This is looking great Matt! My only suggestion is to try to make the logo bigger. I do see it as being on the grass of the field so I think your perspective is good but it wouldn’t look as detached if it were large enough to go under your ram. Make it look like he is standing on it on the field.

  4. Also I guess this is the obvious but you do need to make it larger while keeping it small enough or enough of the rams logo in an area where it is recognizable. WOW! That sounded really confusing. Sorry!

  5. ionhelen says:

    Definitely intimidating! I enjoy what you’re doing with the brushwork as the outline – reminiscent of Street Fighter IV but a bit more uncontrolled. Awesome!

    I think you should try to kick the value contrast in him to match the drama of the outline. ’bout the only crit I’ve got.

    • I’d caught a glimpse of it on Adam’s screen at the school, which was poorly calibrated, and it heavily tweaked the value contrast. So, after seeing it like that and liking it, and hearing you say that too, I’ll probably boost it up a bit.

  6. Ooh, I love the anonymity of the character, with just the horns identifying him as a ram. Very slick.

  7. Very nice. Watch your light and shadow and make it more consistent. The shoulder stripes, the under side of the ram horns. I’d also like to see a little more detail in the figure within the rough, dark outline.

  8. janeysoeem says:

    Will the figure have the same rough texture as the background? That would make him feel scarier and have the image feel more cohesive.

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