LA Angels, take two

Okay, this still has problems but I have been looking at it for too long to know what they are. So, any comments? I redrew it from scratch after Monday’s update. Obviously, the wings are just placeholders, and I don’t want the ball’s arc to be on fire (too cliche).


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9 Responses to LA Angels, take two

  1. ionhelen says:

    Oh hell yes! Great pose, awesome perspective. I personally think the fire makes the composition rock pretty hard. I think it would only be cliche if the ball was screaming. xD

  2. The ball is my favorite part of this. Will you be doing anything with the dot in background or will it just stay a solid splotch of blue-ish purple?

  3. Much better. Put the A’s logo on the front of the ball. More readable, more bold. And light the front of the ball too. Can you work on the flames a little?

  4. janeysoeem says:

    I think it’s fine if you have the flames even if you think it’s too cliche. It’s an interesting contrast to the angel. But it’s up to you if you want to use it or not it’ll still work with plane motion lines since the perspective is so interesting.

  5. lizardman32 says:

    If you weren’t already planning on it I recommend using the ellipse tool to make a better halo.

  6. The body positioning is way better now. I dont mind the flaming ball. No screaming face though. LOL Its looking good Matt.

  7. lucybelles says:

    Yeah- what they said. And…I guess I’d need to see it but I think a slight texture or grunge might be nice?

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