Celtics sketch 2

I don’t have a scanner at home so I had to use a photo of my sketch taken with photobooth. And I’m not able to get to a scanner because we’re having a ceremony at my house to give my mom and aunts goodluck/blessings because they’re leaving for Laos tomorrow. It’s pretty hectic. I gave the background around the circle a zoomed in pattern of a basketball which may be difficult to see in this photo.

I would like to try to use line work similar to Jeremy Fish for this Celtics piece.

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5 Responses to Celtics sketch 2

  1. janeysoeem says:

    The basketball pattern will be a little faded so it doesn’t compete with the Irish man.

  2. I see where you are going but think it would look cooler and make more sense if you made the round logo look like it was printed on the b-ball. It just seems to be floating in front right now. I too wish your family safe travels.

  3. lucybelles says:

    Well, I THREE wish your family safe travels!!! :) AND I agree with the ‘on the ball’ comment- also, I went to that site and I can def see how using that line work would work well on this…

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