#43 update



















Okay so I tried to deal with making him less caricaturish. Made his body more proportional, added a bit of color, and a couple xtras. Still plenty to do…


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8 Responses to #43 update

  1. “Still plenty to do.” Good. It needs it. Mighty rough for a Wednesday deadline. But I’m counting on you…

  2. Its looking good Ryno. Yes I meant Ryno like rhino. I am digging the sketchy style and him looking out from under that mass of hair. Great direction just keep at it!

  3. lizardman32 says:

    Yeah he doesn’t look very threatening though. He’s just kind of chillin with his I beam and whatnot.

  4. Interesting character design; looks like the Venom symbiote found Napoleon Dynamite. Just draw him stompin’ or something and it’ll be great.

  5. Haha awesome analogy. I know he doesn’t appear to be terribly threatening or aggressive. I’m trying to keep the portrayal of the actual person accurate. Like I said he’s really humble and yet one of the most feared defensive players ever to play. The only thing needed to strike fear into the opponent is the number 43 and of course his hair. I guess I’m doing this from the perspective of a serious fan of the team and without knowing who this guy is it may not come across as terribly intimidating.

    • I hate to say it but his hair isn’t threatening. Relying on his number isn’t enough either. Come on! You can get it… You even said yourself, “it may not come across as terribly intimidating.” Show him half way through the leap right at the quarterback (viewer). That may be intimidating.

      • Well I said it may not be intimidating if you DONT know who he is, but any steelers fan will and isn’t that who would buy the poster? The hair comment was more of a joke I dont actually think that’s what strikes fear.

  6. lucybelles says:

    Hmmm… I kindove like that he isn’t the cliche aggressive but I see what y’all are saying- I think he looks pretty intimidating just b/c he’s so casual about it. Also, I’m NOT a sports fan but I KNOW who this guy is b/c of his hair commercial lol

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