Ottawa Senators

The team I chose is the Ottawa Senators. Before this project I didn’t know that Canadian teams were part of the NHL. I also didn’t know that there were Roman Centurions in Canada. Silly me.

My Idea is that those dudes he’s standing on will be Hockey players. Like a true Roman legionnaire he leaves stacks of bodies wherever he goes. Also his name is “Spatracus.” Yes, I do mean Spatracus.

I’m not sure yet but I’ll either color it in typical Manly-Men fashion or else more like my work from last semester. Perhaps some bizarre combination. Colors mainly red and bronze as per the teams colors.



About zetareactor32

I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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3 Responses to Ottawa Senators

  1. The cape is what does it for me. It is a good sketch that certainly shows the roughness of hockey and has a very prideful stance.

  2. Lovin’ it. I’d like to see his head at 3/4 a little more like the logo. Just the rotation, not necessarily the hight. Next sketch show me the whole composition and anything that may be in the background.

    • lizardman32 says:

      Most of their logo’s have it in profile. I had it in 3/4ths view but it didn’t convey the emotion I was going for. Also you get the most out of a centurion helmet when it’s in profile view.

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