LA Angels Rough

Okay, here’s the rough version of my LA Angels picture. Since the point is to instill fear in the enemy, I decided to play up the advantage that angels would have on the field; namely, taking the high ground and raining their vengeance down on you. I’m going to give the baseball a lot of texture to place it more clearly in the foreground and separate it from the angel.


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4 Responses to LA Angels Rough

  1. The baseball breaking into the foreground is a nice touch and adds depth along with a good bit of motion. How will the piece be situated within the tall and slightly narrow format though? Is the pose appropriate though? Considering how baseball is an extremely technical sport and is about precision more than power, maybe a more technically accurate throwing position would be more apt? You could still always adjust a bit to make it still seem as though he were throwing from a flying position.

  2. Agreed. The pose seems awkward. Its almost like he is shitting the ball. But seriously, the image sent by Aaron is more realistic looking. I do like the concept of the angel throwing the ball in flight though.

  3. Is he skipping along as he’s flying? Read above… He needs to be a pitcher. And have him look the enemy in the eyes.

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