Greater Even than the Gods

I chose our own Tennessee Titans for my NFL team. I was immediately drawn to the mythological meaning of the Titans, these giant superpowered beings who were greater even than the gods. Given that the main objective is to instill fear into the opposing team, I decided to go with a worms-eye view of a giant Titan character who represents the team. I’ve given him a modified football helmet which shows some classical Greece influence, and put the 3-star Tennessee Shield emblem as a pendant on his chest. I also wanted him to be carrying the iconic sword from the Titans’ logo as well.

My plan is that he’ll be mostly darkened silhouette, standing just in front of the sun so that the opponent is faced with this gigantic, dark, towering mass of power about to descend on it. Behind him is the stands of LP field, filled with roaring Titans fans.

And just to prove a point he’s crushing a giant football.

Also, Rugby:



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5 Responses to Greater Even than the Gods

  1. Dig it, man! I like how clearly you’ve placed the viewer in the opposing team’s POV. It’s going to instill some fear for sure!

  2. What is it that he’s carrying in the off hand? The lower perspective is nice and adds a daunting feeling, that does well to fit the other end of the assignment which involves evoking a sense of pride on the team’s behalf, aside from simply the fear. Since the Titan isn’t their mascot, oddly enough, will their logo be incorporated somewhere into the piece to make it blatantly clear it is Tennessee? While the sword, and and the 3 star work for the people in state, I worry that someone from somewhere else giving it a glance might have difficulty discerning exactly what team it is even with those two pieces in it.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Pickett. The worm’s eye view definitely puts you in the opposing teams shoes… or, ah… cleats and lets you feel the scale of your titan! I was scared!

  4. Great viewing angle but… Can you put more action/aggressiveness/pose – something in his stance? He’s a little to static. And yeah, what’s in his left hand?

  5. lucybelles says:

    ok. I’ll bite. What’s in his left hand?

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