Here is my thumbnail. Its extremely rough. My plan is to make Al look like he is pulling himself out of the background like he is coming to get you. I will have some props here and there in his tentacles but not exactly what you see here. I am also not exactly sure on my back ground shape but am thinking the round one is more appropriate being that it references the shape of a hockey puck. Al is the mascot for the Detroit Redwings so I chose it because of the tension between them and the Nashville Preds. What do you think gang?


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4 Responses to AL the OCTOPUS!

  1. I like the idea of him pulling himself out of the background shape, and the smaller diamond helps do that better for me due to a better balance of Octopus to Diamond. The muscle bound tentacles are a disturbing thought and that’s awesome considering how strong octopi can be. Alot of images of Al, have a small number of suction cups visible on the underbelly of the tentacles. Maybe drop the angle of his brow a bit, so it cuts more across the eyes to help get a more pissed off/terrifying octopus look? Cool stuff, man, I look forward to seeing it.

  2. Actually, having seen the dreaded Dead Wings octopus on many occasions, I must say I’m having trouble with the biceps and forearms on an octopus. I think being a little more true to scale but with bone breaking grip on the frame may be a little better. And knowing quite a few Wings fans you’d better include the logo on a larger scale than just on the arm. The octopus himself doesn’t say, “RedWings.”

  3. lucybelles says:

    well… what if had a jersey on or s/t?

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