First off watch this…

He’s insane when he plays and completely humble about it at the same time. Definitely one of the best football players ever. He tackles people like a gorilla and with his hair he almost looks like one. Oh and thats supposed to be a steel beam in his hand. Obviously needs some work. Football in the other hand?


FYI: I thought I posted this a lot earlier but turns out it’s just been sitting here in my window right before you post. Appologies hunger + slight ADD will do this to you.


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5 Responses to #43

  1. I know this is a rough but he doesn’t look very angry or aggressive. Looks a bit like a caricature right now.

  2. He’s being humble about his aggression. I might have gotten carried away with the arms. Maybe sizing them down will take some of the caricature vibe out…

  3. I get team pride and spirit out of this one more than any of the others, which is nice to see. But it does seem to miss a little bit on the other half of the assignment that involves fear and intimidation. Maybe just a small change of pose and you can get the best of both worlds without compromising your attempt at keeping his humble but indomitable persona?

  4. lucybelles says:

    he reminds me a bit of Dr Jeckyll lol- no, not really…just those big old hands
    but a mean look will help out that aggression and color will help the beam look ‘beamy’

  5. janeysoeem says:

    You could try messing with the light and shadows to make him feel intimidating without actually making him grr angry angry.

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