St. Louis Rams!

After casting a random ballot with the class, I ended up with the NFL as my choice for this particular project. The St. Louis Rams ended up being the team choice due to a strong color scheme. That being said, I’d like to render this piece much like the rough comp, lower down on the page, except finished with more detail. The pose chosen was to help evoke an iconic image of the sport in a position of physical power and tension, having stared down the line of scrimmage myself, I can say it is a daunting place to stand. It is also the same position that their name sake takes as it is about to bash predators and fellow rams with their spiraled horns. The lines and color will be thick, and loose, as if rendered by violent strokes of an inked brush to help add a primal sense of motion,power, and savagery. Back ground colors are subject to change and will be more fleshed out in Wednesday’s post, but will most likely involve a splash of green for the grass of the field, and potentially a bit of blue in the sky, though that may remain grayed out.

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6 Responses to St. Louis Rams!

  1. lucybelles says:

    I hate you. :) This is looking great for starters. The horns on him are a nice twist and def scary…

  2. I’d like to incorporate their logo into the grass beneath his feet, to make it clear and add a little bit of extra detail. But glad you like the horns.

  3. Very nice. Dig the face; very Power Rangers. The body could maybe be more detailed, but I realize this is just a sketch. Nice!

  4. lizardman32 says:

    Diggin the style on the bottom one, especially the head.

  5. Dig where you are going with this. You are getting the intimidation factor with out going to over the top like mine. I am banking everything on the “mean face” and whether or not I can make it look like my octo is trying to get to you. I like where you are at with this though.

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