More Rugby

Here’s what I’ve got so far – many more changes to come. I will update later tonight with more rendered images – I’ve not yet come to the point of applying the colors and texture. Hopefully I’ll be in the beginning stages of such by tonight. As of now, I’ve got to post this and head to class & won’t be back till after deadline. Comments and crits welcome as always!

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4 Responses to More Rugby

  1. There’s a good amount of energy to the three panels, which is nice considering it is an active subject you’re portraying. Can’t say much else though until I see your later updates.

  2. You’ll convey “Rugby” with no problem. I’m looking forward to seeing how well you render all the bodies. It looks like you’re going to attempt motion in the upper left. Good idea. I hope it was yours first.

  3. The top left kinda feels out of place. What if you had one guy clutching the ball or whatever they call it, standing all solo and epic? May fit better. I don’t know. Just a thought.

    • You should mix in some typography that says something like, “Wanna ruck?” (Its a rugby term) LOL Just kidding. In all seriousness, this is looking great. I had noticed that a lot of people were doing literal imagery and maybe that is the route I should have gone too but am mos def happy with what I have for my word and concept and am excited to see everyones finals tomorrow!

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