More Forbidden Forest

At first glance, this version may look even rougher than my initial, so let me explain. I spent a good chunk of yesterday imagining ways to get more forest elements into these panels, and this was the layout I came to like the most. I put iconic forest animals everywhere as the wood nymph births life into the forest through the vines on her back. There are going to be a lot of leaves and flowers blowing around her, but I left them out for the sake of this rough. They made it look too cluttered. Indeed, my final piece will rely heavily on tones and line-weight to establish hierarchy, so rest assured that the final piece will not be cluttered like this. It will also lack the copy-paste; each animal will be redrawn.

I figure I can finalize the lineart by the end of tonight, leaving me with tomorrow to color it and render a background. The background shouldn’t be too hard since I’ve laid out where the trees are, so I just need to render bark and leaves on them, which I’ve created custom brushes to do.


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4 Responses to More Forbidden Forest

  1. Okay. Adding the Disney’s Snow White friends does make it more of a forest. To simply be blunt, I don’t know about the blatant T & A though. A bit distracting for “Forest.”

    • lizardman32 says:

      I have to agree. I know we’ve already talked about this, but I think right now it’s all about the girl, and the forest is just the setting. More importantly the assignment is about showcasing the quality of a company, and I’m not sure what kind of company could use this. Who knows, maybe you have something up your sleeve. We’ll see I guess.

  2. you and your half naked girls… I have an idea for this but… it’s kinda… vulgar/nasty/awesome. I’ll just keep it for myself haha. But ya you’re combining some crazy stuff to communicate forest. I hope you can put it all together.

  3. “you and your half-naked girls”… I gonna assume that’s a reference to my mermaid comics? Way to make Master Kirk think I’m a perv, Ryon. :P Haha.

    @Aaron: It’s for a fantasy gaming store. You know, Dungeons & Dragons, shit like that. I don’t play those games myself but the enchanted setting and girl-butt will likely appeal to them.

    @ Sensei Kirk: I agree. I tried to downplay it compared to the last one, obscuring her rear a bit (panel 3) and covering more of her chest (panel 2). But wood nymphs don’t wear clothes! Maybe I can put flora growing from her body, like natural clothes. Either way, Pocahontas-like gusts of leaves will be covering her quite a bit in the final.

    Thanks for your input, everyone.

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